Flawless Virtual Reader

Have you been using a virtual reader via Skype or Facetime?

Because of this has your self-tape quality gone down?

What if you could stay safe at home, have a virtual reader, and casting never knows?

In this course we teach you how to have a flawless virtual reader which helps you have better quality auditions and more chances to book!

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Meet Jesse And Candi


Jesse Malinowski is an international speaker, host, professional film/TV actor and CEO of Atlanta Acting School, Get Scene Studios. Jesse has inspired and aided the career of hundreds of actors across the country, while influencing an equal amount of entrepreneurs from coast to coast. He speaks and host’s countless events bringing his extremely driven attitude and his contagiously positive energy to every stage he stands on. While having a humble passion to help and inspire others, he doesn’t just talk the talk but walk the walk, creating Get Scene Studios, the largest and fastest growing acting studio in the southeast while still appearing on many professional sets. Jesse has been featured on such networks as HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, and LIFETIME.


Candi VandiZandi is an actor and entrepreneur, growing multiple businesses over the past 5+ years. She managed and grew one organic and all natural juice shop to three stores, along with its own manufacturing company and helped Atlanta acting studio Get Scene triple in size. Candi is in charge of the first walk-in self taping service, taping over 1,000 auditions and has worked directly with more than a dozen casting directors. Whether its people or businesses Candi has an enormous passion for growth both mentally and physically for others.

In a world where auditions are moving towards all self tapes, you MUST always be prepared! Low quality tapes will not book you jobs!

In this course we break down everything you need:

Set Up Your Self Tape Studio For A Virtual Reader

Programs Needed

Technical Aspects Of Virtual vs In the Room Readers

Editing Your Footage

Make Your Reader Sound Like They Are In The Room

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